Japanese Heroes Exhibition

Japan has given the world some of the greatest cars ever produced, from the infamous Nissan Skyline to the rev happy rotary engine RX-7.  This exhibition will celebrate the cars, the culture, the Fast and the Furious;  that have been an influence on many a petrolhead.

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Japan’s domestic car industry has been a market leader for decades, during that time it has created some of the most iconic performance cars the world has ever seen.  This display is a look back and a look forward at some of the legendary vehicles that originated in the land of the rising sun.

To be eligible to display in this exhibit you must have a Japanese manufactured vehicle of any age, modified or original but preference will be given to iconic models.

Charles Warner

First established 100 years ago, Charles Warner is probably Lincolnshire’s oldest motor trade business.  The Company is an MG and Subaru Main dealer, Chevrolet Authorised Repairer and Vauxhall Specialist.

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