The Pistons in the Park exhibitions are the highlight of the show.  These displays will showcase vehicles of the highest quality and are sure to be a great hit with everyone.

If you’re interested in putting forward your vehicle for consideration into one of our exhibitions please contact us for more information.

Celebration of Elegance

The Pistons in the Park Celebration of Elegance will be a showcase of exquisite motor vehicles that are a reflection of their owners commitment to sympathetic restoration, attention to detail and originality.  This will be an opportunity to see, hear and smell some of the finest examples of automotive artistry.

Supercar Showdown

The Supercar Showdown will display the pinnacle of high performance cars from the last century.  From Italian exotica to German autobahn stormers and bonkers British creations, this collection would be pride of place on any young child’s wall.


Some would argue that there’s no replacement for displacement and when it comes to noise its hard to argue.  Be sure to check out the parade of American muscle as the owners strike up their V8s and fill the air with a roar of pure American freedom!


Japan has given the world some of the greatest cars ever produced, from the infamous Nissan Skyline to the rev happy rotary engine RX-7.  This exhibition will celebrate the cars, the culture, the Fast and the Furious;  that have been an influence on many a petrolhead.


This exhibit celebrates the appreciating classics that are often still within an attainable price bracket for the mere mortal. These cars from the 80s and 90s, having stopped depreciating are now started rising in price as they move towards full cult status.

This exhibit will showcase some of the very finest performance cars of a generation.


This exhibit will house a range of vehicles of 2 wheels and 4 that are built with the style and ethos of the hot rodding scene.  These vehicles cross the boundaries of mere vehicles and into an art form.

The fabrication, metal work and attention to the smallest of details makes for an addictive mix of performance and ingenuity.


Whilst electric cars have long been seen as an economical alternative, with the improvements in technology hybrid and electric vehicles are now coming into the spotlight as not just a viable alternative, but can also provide better performance.


Our love of speed has been well documented over centuries, there’s something about going fast that is in the human DNA.  From track orientated specials to dedicated motorsport monsters, this exhibition will display a variety of vehicles with speed being their only objective.


Are 2 wheels better than 4?  This exhibition contains an eclectic range of motorbikes from vintage through to the latest models that make the case that if you want a thrill, 2 wheels are the way to go!


The adventurous spirit is within all of us, but some of us prefer to take on the world with a comfy bed, air conditioning and satellite tv.  Camper vans and motorhomes have made amazing strides to bring luxury travel to the open road.

Show and Go

This exhibition will include the best examples of cars that have been modified to the individual tastes of their owners.  Whether it’s a car on air with a set of forged wheels or time attack themed with outrageous aero.  If you get your kicks by standing out from the crowd, this is the display for you.