The Celebration of Elegance is an event honouring the very finest vehicles that have been restored with originality, provenance and preservation as absolutely imperative.  The display is open to any vehicle, regardless of type, manufactured before 1980.

This showcase will be housed around the main ring, taking centre stage of the show and whilst judging will take place for some special awards, merely being invited to participate in this exclusive line-up should make any owner feel proud.

Vehicle of the Show Winner

Vehicle of the Show Runner Up

Vehicle of the Show People’s Choice

The Show and Shine competition is always a favourite, this is open to all vehicles, types and ages.  The only pre-requisite is the your vehicle should meet the very definition of ‘clean’ with an emphasis on dedication to detail.

A range of trophies are up for grabs –

Best of Show – The one vehicle that leaves people in awe of what has been achieved.

Best Under the Hood – The vehicle that has an engine bay to die for.

Best Exterior – From paint that pops to wheels that push boundaries.

Best Interior – Often overlooked in favour of external touches, the judges will be looking at how far an interior can be taken.

Prepped for Speed – It is said that a race car can be a show car, but a show car can never be a race car.  This award will go to a vehicle designed for performance but prepared to exceptional levels.

Judges Choice – Sometimes there’s that one vehicle that doesn’t fit into a category but it captures everyone’s attention.  This trophy is designed for them.

The modern classic is a new breed of vehicle (cars, bikes, trikes, trucks, etc), not old enough to be considered a vintage classic but far removed from the technology of today.  The Modern Classics awards are open to any vehicle made in the 1980s and 90s that can be considered an appreciating or soon to be appreciating classic.

Originality is not essential, period correct modifications and enhancements are encouraged as is the use of modern technology to aim to improve these classics of the future.

Best Car

Best Motorbike

Best Vehicle

Best Modified

Best Original

The car clubs are the driving force behind a successful event.  The Pistons in the Park Best Club award will be a token of appreciation for the club that puts on the best display.

Best Mixed Manufacturer Club

Best Single Manufacturer Club

Event Director’s Choice Award

Winners for each category will be judged and presented with their award during the event.


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