American Muscle Exhibition

Some would argue that there’s no replacement for displacement and when it comes to noise its hard to argue.  Be sure to check out the parade of American muscle as the owners strike up their V8s and fill the air with a roar of pure American freedom!

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The vehicles may often be larger than life, but so are their engines.  Nothing gets the senses going more than the sound and smell of a big V8 as it rocks with every stab of the gas pedal.  We’re not sure its possible to be a petrol head and not love American Muscle so this display is one not to be missed.

To be eligible to display your vehicle in this exhibition it must be American or be powered by an American drive train.  Any age, any roadworthy condition.

Roman Garages

Roman Garages has traded from its Grantham UK site since 1934. For almost 50 years Roman has been specialising in premium exotics to collectable classics. They are not your typical classic car and collector dealer. They are your specialist. With an international team, they have an understanding of the market. Along with their head office in Grantham, they also have locations in Canada and USA. 

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